Vehicle History Check: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been planning to buy a new vehicle? Or perhaps you’ve already found your ideal new car, but you’re curious about its history. Whatever the case might be, knowing how to find out more about what your car’s been through can help. Luckily, we’ve outlined some of the key things you should know as follows to help.

What is a Vehicle Check?

A vehicle check is a specialist checking service that’s designed to provide you with a myriad of information regarding a car’s history. These are usually carried out before a sale but can also be used for general information.

What Vehicle Checks Cover

Vehicle history checks cover several highly important pieces of information. Though the level of detail provided can vary from system to system, these typically include the following points:

  • Financial history for the vehicle, such as outstanding loans and the like
  • Owner history and details for the car in question
  • MOT history for the car, covering the minor and major faults noticed prior
  • Mileage details for the vehicle (based on previously recorded data)
  • Details regarding whether the car has been stolen or written off

These are just a few of the different factors that are at play when it comes to vehicle history checks. As such, it’s important to recognize these features to help inform your decision regarding whether or not a car history check could be the right option.

How to Get a Vehicle History Check

Getting a car history check is an incredibly simple process, making it highly valuable for many people. Better still, it’s almost effortless, and all you’ll need to get started is the vehicle’s number plate details.

Once you know the car’s number plate details, simply navigate to your chosen vehicle history check provider and enter this into the necessary search bar. In some cases, you may need to pay for this service; don’t worry, it’s generally very affordable.

How Can I Use a Car History Check to Ensure a Purchase is Safe and Honest?

Within moments, the tool will then display a wide array of details regarding the car’s history, helping inform your decision. Some of the key things you can infer from a car history check include:

  • Has the car’s mileage been clocked without informing you?
  • Does the vehicle have any potential problems that could cause issues during future MOTs?
  • Has the car been stolen or reported missing in police databases?
  • Does the seller of the vehicle own the car in its entirety, or is there outstanding finance?
  • Are there any past issues relating to write-off status that you should know about?

Get Started Today

If you think a car history check could be right for you, don’t delay. All you’ll need is the vehicle’s number plate details, and you’ll soon be on your way to finding out more. No wonder, then, that a growing number of people are giving these handy tools a try.

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