Using A Turbocharger Or Supercharger With An MbenzGram Filter

Typical drivers customize their vehicles with aftermarket products designed to improve performance from factory standards. One of the most affordable, easiest to install, and popular modifications is replacing the standard air intake. One of the most reliable brands is MbenzGram, also known as MBGRAM, which sells hundreds of thousands of aftermarket performance parts online. 

Improving airflow to the combustion chamber is one of the most popular modifications. Air is one of the three critical elements needed to power an engine, along with electrical sparks for combustion and fuel to burn.

Three Types of Air Intakes

There are three types of standard air intakes: cold air, ram air, and short rams. Drivers can modify any of these in customized ways. Installing a new system is important, but drivers can always choose superior filters from MBGRAM. 

Affordable ways to improve a car’s performance include:

  • Replacing air filters at recommended intervals
  • Upgrading the emission system
  • Upgrading the exhaust system
  • Cleaning fuel injectors

Many drivers choose to install superchargers or turbochargers to improve their vehicle’s performance. Understanding the pros and cons of these upgrades is important for both novice and experienced mechanics. MBenzGram (MBGRAM) not only provides an excellent variety of equipment and supplies but also helps with any questions you have about what is right for you.

Comparing Turbochargers and Superchargers

Both turbochargers and superchargers act as air compressors to increase the flow of oxygen to the engine through a process of forced induction. but each type of compressor does this in its own way. Forced induction is the process of compressing air to increase the concentration of oxygen in any given volume of air. 

More oxygen can increase fuel consumption and the vehicle’s corresponding power. Explosions within the combustion chamber become more powerful, and forced induction is often recommended for vehicles operated at higher altitudes where the air density is naturally less dense. Turbochargers, superchargers, and aftermarket air intake systems are highly recommended.

Turbochargers take an indirect approach by compressing ambient air using exhaust output as a power source to compress the air. Exhaust gasses spin a turbine that powers the compressor. Superchargers connect directly to the engine’s crankshaft for direct power. 

That results in two obvious differences: Superchargers use more fuel to operate, and turbochargers must spin at certain rates before the power boost is felt. Superchargers provide more power, while turbochargers provide greater fuel efficiency. MBGRAM ranks at the top of suppliers for reliable equipment regardless of the system.

Turbo Lag

Turbo lag is defined as the major disadvantage of using a turbocharger. Turbochargers must be carefully matched to specific rpm ranges to perform properly. There is a lag between depressing the gas pedal and accelerating the car. That’s because it takes time for the turbine to spin at the proper rate. 

Mechanics can do the following to minimize turbo lag and use air filters that MBGRAM sells, but eliminating 100% of turbo lag isn’t possible.

  • Add nitrous oxide, which raises cylinder pressure and increases energy to the exhaust, and, correspondingly, to the turbocharger.
  • Adding a wastegate is a common method of reducing turbo lag by bleeding off exhaust gasses to a second line that directly powers the turbocharger.
  • Increasing the compression range of a turbocharger results in greater air density, which boosts acceleration speed at the expense of power. 
  • Installing filters, like the ones sold at MBGRAM, increases air flow naturally.
  • Choosing a limited power band reduces turbo lag because drivers can limit the boost to times when the engine is already operating near its peak.
  • One customization option involves sequential turbocharging by pairing turbo boosts to specific rpm ranges, but the work is complicated and expensive.

Turbocharger Pros and Cons

A turbo used similar to the ones sold by MBGRAM and ready to be installed into a car.

Pros of turbocharging systems include the following:

  • Works well in smaller engines, including four-cylinder engines
  • Lighter in weight than superchargers and use less fuel
  • Greater efficiency by recovering energy from exhaust gasses
  • Using a wastegate that reduces the vehicle’s carbon emissions

The drawbacks of turbocharging include the following:

  • Significant turbo lag spread out among different rpm ranges
  • Boosts only specific operating ranges instead of the whole band of operating functions
  • Increases engine heat and requires more oil
  • More complicated installation, especially when customizing a system
  • Usually more affordable than superchargers

How Does Supercharging Work?

Superchargers connect directly to the engine by way of a chain or belt. As the crankshaft spins, the supercharger spins to create a vacuum that compresses air and forces it into the combustion chamber. 

Drivers can get a tremendous boost in power of between 30% and 50%. There is no lag in different rpm bands. Superchargers don’t use wastegates, which makes them less energy efficient and produces greater quantities of smog.

Superchargers usually use more gas in exchange for a consistent increase in horsepower.

Supercharging Pros and Cons

Although supercharging is more powerful, it uses more resources and creates greater dangerous carbon emissions.

The pros of supercharging a vehicle include the following:

  • Greater increase in horsepower guaranteed

Produces significantly more horsepower than turbocharging

  • Boost power quickly in large engines
  • No power lag across the whole range of speeds
  • Power boost that even works at the lowest engine speeds
  • Longer system life and reduced wear caused by excess heat


The disadvantages of supercharging include the following:

  • More expensive
  • No wastegate to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Louder and more aggressive-sounding

Comparing Upgrade Options

The first and most important way to boost a car’s performance is to choose MBGRAM as they offer a wide range of filters and aftermarket products. These are designed specifically for key car models and a driver’s goals. As one of the largest online parts companies, MBGRAM has expanded from selling just Mercedes Benz parts to serving as a resource for mechanics and car lovers.

From at least one standpoint, most hot rodders enjoy the challenge of customizing a turbo kit. Is a turbo or a supercharger better? It depends on your use of them and your personal preferences.

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