Montana Car Registration: 3 Tips To Make It Easy

Buying a new car is an exciting and a proud moment for anyone. However, the whole process of registration can easily turn into a struggle. It involves waiting in lines, lots of paperwork and much more. Getting your license plates may cost you thousands of dollars, especially on premium or exotic automobiles with higher ticket prices.

Montana car registration is different. Here, you’ll have no sales tax at all. You will pay $0 sales tax on your new automobile, in addition to a simple registration. When buying a high-end car, you might want the money going to the car and not the sales task. Same for a RV. Therefore you can register a RV in Montana and enjoy zero sales tasks.

Moreover, registering a car in Montana does not necessitate you to be a resident in Montana or have a driver’s license from this state.

Below are some pro tips to help you in Montana car and truck registration.

1.    Be Prepared

When registering a car in Montana, the first thing you need is to be prepared. This means you need to ensure you have all the paperwork necessary. Also, check the DMV website to ensure all the items you require to register in Montana and get your new license plates. The requirements include things such as the name of the vehicle. You’ll also want evidence of motor insurance. After that, you’ll have to pay various fees and taxes. These are all the required items if you live in Montana. On the other hand, temporary residents may require a few additional ones. For instance, you’ll additionally need to supply their current out-of-state car registration.

2.    Consider Having a Third Party For Your Registration.

Some third parties might assist you in saving time and money while registering your vehicle. Consider hiring the best Montana registered agent to assist you through the procedure, saving you a trip to the DMV, and emailing you the completed plates and registration. Notably, if you live outside of Montana, you’ll need to hire a lawyer to form an LLC. Some businesses can set up your Montana LLC, register your automobile in the state, and deliver your license plates and registration to you without setting foot in Montana.

3.      Ensure You Pay The Necessary Charges

In Montana, you may register your car for a certain period, maybe 12 months or 24, according to your preference. The charges differ depending on the car’s age. For instance, The price is $217 for automobiles that are four years old or newer. Five to ten years old costs $87, and eleven years and over costs $28 — all of these prices are based on a 12-month registration fee.

A $10 will be added to the cost of new Montana license plates. Plates with your name on them will set you back $25. You’ll also have to pay the county option tax, computed based on the vehicle’s kind, depreciation value, and Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Therefore, to register your car in Montana, ensure you have paid the necessary changes.

In conclusion, car registration in Montana doesn’t have to be a hassle. All you have to do is ensure you have the necessary paperwork and all items listed on the DMV website, and then you can register your car.

And if you want the process to be fast and smooth, the professionals at 5 Star Registration can help you save thousands of dollars by registering your car in Montana.

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