Mitsubishi Recalls 14,700 Electric Vehicles

In another body blow for that electric vehicle industry it had been today says Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is recalling 14,700 electric vehicles because of brake problems. These problems are solely connected using the company’s electric vehicles although this recall is comparatively less space-consuming than the amount of gas vehicles that have been remembered through the years it’s still around 50% of overall sales of those particular vehicles.

What cars are now being remembered?

The organization has says 3,400 i-MiEV EVs and a pair of,400 MINICAB-MiEV vehicles happen to be remembered in Japan with around 8,900 i-MiEV vehicles also being remembered in Europe. While there has been no accidents directly connected using the ongoing brake problem the organization has clearly erred along the side of caution in relation to this kind of important part of the vehicle. It’s thought that just one particular area of the braking mechanism has been discovered to possess problems and will also be relatively simple for the organization to repair when the cars happen to be remembered.

What’s the price of this recall?

While the amount of vehicles set to become remembered is comparatively small, and also the direct financial implications are relatively minor within the overall picture, it’s more the look of the organization and EVs that will suffer. Should you think back for the finish of 2012 we’d the publication of the Nissan Leaf battery problem that was headline news for a while and did more harm to the electrical vehicle industry. This fresh issue is going to be headline news for the following couple of days at any given time once the electric vehicle market is searching to enter the world consumer sector.

Performs this impact Mitsubishi’s electric vehicle strategy?

While there’s without doubt it has done short-term harm to the status of Mitsubishi it’s also important to note that the organization has erred along the side of caution and remembered these vehicles before there has been moving accidents. The problem itself pertains to the space where an automobile will travel when under braking that has been extended because of issues with an electrical pump. In the past we view scandals in other parts of the car industry where issues and problems happen to be overlooked for a while but Mitsubishi has reacted as quickly as possible.

Somewhat you should be taking our hats off and away to the organization for that speed where it’s reacted, the truth that no accidents happen to be directly linked the issue cheap vehicles is going to be repaired free of charge towards the owner.

A measure forward, two steps back using the electric vehicle industry

Now over time it appears as though the electrical vehicle market takes a measure forward and 2 steps back with numerous high-profile issues getting grabbed the headlines. This may mask to some large degree developments in technology and electric batteries that have made the current-day electric vehicle completely different to that particular of their counterpart just ten years ago or perhaps 5 years ago. Once these “issues” happen to be fixed only then do we should see better feedback and much more positive headlines concerning the industry although right now Mitsubishi Electric Vehicles are extremely grabbing greater than their great amount of media attention.


It will likely be interesting to determine how consumers respond to this latest complications with an electrical vehicle because it does nothing for that sector’s pr. It’s very simple to get scared about certain issues similar to this announced by Mitsubishi but the truth is the organization highlighted the issue, there has been no accidents and all sorts of vehicles affected happen to be remembered. If the speed where new electric vehicles are freed towards the market slows lower within the short to medium term, with possibly more safety checks and testing needed, remains seen.

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