Traumatic car accidents can leave you hurt and in a state of shock. However, it’s crucial to understand what to do following a car collision to prepare for potential legal action. Your potential to receive compensation and the amount you ultimately settle for may be significantly impacted by what you do on the day of your accident and immediately afterward.

Have you been part of a car accident in Miami? Here are the steps to take:

Ensure your safety

Your safety is the most crucial thing. Park your car beside the road, and use your warning lights and siren to alert traffic that you are moving. Put your hazards on, get ready to honk, and dial 911 for assistance if you cannot drive your vehicle or are hurt. Additionally, it is best to call an ambulance if anyone involved in the collision is hurt.

Start capturing images

When you feel secure, take out your smartphone and begin documenting everything. You should take pictures of every vehicle present and capture every side and close-up of any damage on the car. Then, while remaining safe, snap photos of the road and any debris.

Additionally, you want to snap images of nearby structures, streetlights, stop signs, and other objects that can be useful in narrating the events. Remember that the road is off-limits to juries, and show them pictures if it’s a busy highway.

Share information with the other party.

Note down the other driver’s name, address, phone number, insurance details, license plate number, and license number. Along with the model of the car, you should note if the person who hit you was “at work” at the time. The business they work for might be held accountable if, for instance, they hit you while delivering something.

Register an accident report.

Whether or not the accident was minor or severe, it is important to report it to the police because this will serve as an essential piece of evidence in the future. Your lawyer will use the accident report as substantial evidence if there are any damages. While at it, report everything as it is and do not speculate. If you are not certain about your injuries or car damages, you should indicate that.

Visit a car accident clinic.

Many people overlook this crucial step when asked what to do after an accident. You should visit a Miami car accident clinic immediately, even if you believe you are in good health. Do not take your wellness for granted because shock due to the accident can make you feel healthier than you are. Ensure you get examined because your doctor and a medical file will simultaneously be crucial to your case.

Call a car accident lawyer.

A car accident lawyer can help establish a claim with the insurance provider, ensuring that you get the much-needed medical attention and that your rights are upheld. Additionally, they can bring your claim before the statute of limitations expires so you can get paid for your damages.

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