Five things you should know about rebuilt dually axles

Dually axles can be resistant to damage. However, when they get damaged, you will feel the effect on the truck’s gas pedal. A damaged or bent axle might cause your vehicle to strain. You would feel the strain when you engage the gear and realize that the impact is hardly felt on the wheels. A dually axle rebuild might be the best solution to the power transfer failure to the wheels. Most of all, it is essential that you first know what causes axle damage.

What causes axle damage?

Many things can damage your dually axles. Some of them include overloading your truck beyond its capacity, potholes, poor maintenance practices, or hitting bumps too hard. These issues are the primary reasons your dually axles could get damaged.

The main function of the dually axle is to transfer power from the engine to drive the truck wheels. Moreover, they help transfer torque to the wheels, thus causing the truck wheels to rotate continually. Damaged axles might make driving your truck challenging and should be rebuilt as soon as possible.

How to know if you need dually axle rebuild?

Knowing whether you need a dually axle rebuild might help you fix problems early enough before they occur. You can only note some of the signs when you are careful enough. Regardless of the signs you see or hear, it is essential to take immediate action to rebuild or buy new dually axles. These signs include but are not limited to the following:

Loud Clunk Sounds

You can hear clunky sounds when your truck runs in to a pothole or hits a curb. The sounds will come from underneath the truck. That would mean that you need to consider an axle rebuild.

Other than clunking sounds underneath the truck, you could hear bumping, grinding, or rattling noises. These sounds might also indicate that your truck’s axle is damaged or requires a rebuild.

Malfunctioned brakes 

Starting your vehicle might be easy, but when you try to accelerate the truck, you might realize that the vehicle can hardly go faster. Braking could also be difficult because of the damaged dually axle.

Malfunctioned brakes and the inability to drive faster might show that you should rebuild the dually axles. You could book to rebuild your axle before you move again sooner.

Truck Tyre Misalignment 

Tires might wobble, or your steering is sluggish when your tires are misaligned. Misaligned tires are usually considered signs of a damaged or bent axle. It will be helpful if you consider a dually axle rebuild before things get out of hand.

Finding a reputable company for a dually axle rebuild is essential. A well-done rebuild helps to protect your vehicle. Moreover, it helps improve your safety when driving your truck.

How long does an axle repair take?

The money you spend to rebuild your dually axle depends on several factors. However, one and a half to three hours might be enough to rebuild a dually axle. Some mechanics might take slightly longer than others, so it depends on the skill and experience level of the servicemen.

You need to be aware of the condition of your axles at any time. Furthermore, when rebuilding the axles, mark the different components to know where they were removed when you are repairing them simultaneously.

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