Everything You Want to Know About Mazda 3 Sedan

The Sedan contests against C-segment sedans such as the Honda and Toyota Corolla Altis, among others. The Mazda 3’s choice of products and thoroughness set it apart from its competitors, giving it a more upscale feel. The Mazda 3 Sedan car will be available in two versions in 2022. Mazda Philippines offers a sedan with a large cabin that can accommodate up to five people with plenty of legroom and headroom. The two variation levels have different trims and features, however they both have a black interior.


The Mazda3 (in Japan, named as the Mazda Axela for the first three generations, a mix of “speed up” and “excellent” automobile. In the C-segment, it was introduced in 1994 as a 2004 vehicle, replacing the Familia/323/Protegé. The second-generation Mazda3 was debuted in late 2008 for the 2009 model year, and the 3rd generation was launched in mid-2013 for the 2014 model year. Mazda3’s fourth generation debuted on August 14, 2019, with two body styles to pick from. The tiny automobile is available in two body styles: sedan and Sportback.


In the Philippines, the Mazda3 2022 is a compact sedan.  The Sport Mazda 3 2.0 AT and Mazda 3 2.0 AT Hybrid are the two sedan versions of this vehicle available in the United States. Mazda 3 cost the entrance costs of $1495,000 in the Philippines, whereas the best Mazda3 M Hybrids 2.0 AT costs $1695,000.


The Mazda is the first vehicle to reflect the Kodo design approach of ‘less is more’ in its second generation. In comparison to the previous generation, the result is a sleeker, more sculptured design, with faux air vents on the rear bumpers where the fog lamps should be. The current Mazda3’s design is more subtle than the previous generation’s, with more contours than angles. Soul Red Crystals Metallic, Black Mica, Deep Clear Blue Mica, White Pearls, Sonic Silvery Metallic, and Machinery Grey are the six colour options available in the Philippines for the Mazda 3.

Headlamps and taillights come as standard on all models. The range-topping High Plus model has LED Daytime Running Lights, while the remainder are bulb-type. The car doesn’t have fog lights, but it does have LED headlights, which Mazda believes will remove the necessity of fog lights.

The upper dashboard isn’t quite as squishy as conventional soft-touch materials, but it still feels high-end. Soft leather wraps around the interior and through the doors in the central part.

Practicality and Space

The interior room, like that of other Mazda models, is sufficient rather than vast. Knee room would be a problem if two 6-footers sat behind each other. Though, with a spacious centre storage capacity that can be divided, two cupholders next to the gear lever, and adequately sized door pockets, storage is well thought out.

Features that provide comfort

Dual-zone automated temperature control and fully adjustable power adjustments with memory function are standard on the High and High Plus models. Auto-dimming rear view, tilt and telescoping steering wheel adjustment, and head-up display are all standard.

Control & Riding

On straight and twisting highways, both the hatch and sedan feel soft and deliver a comfortable ride. The Mazda 3 maintains the previous model’s fun-to-drive characteristics. It features excellent body control, an innate steering wheel, as well as a comfortable ride that doesn’t punish passengers on bumpy roads.

Passenger convenience

The suspension is stiffer than most, but it nevertheless maintains its composure when driving over fractured terrain. The front seats are sculpted in such a way that the natural body position is maintained, and the back and thigh are effectively supported. Some people may find the rear seats to be a touch upright, but they are just as supportive as the front seats.

Rather than appealing to your rational mind, the Sedan appeals to your emotions. Because the logical brain would bring out the high price and cramped cabin of the Honda Civic and focus your attention to it. The Mazda 3 Sedan, on the other hand, is the perfect automobile for you if you enjoy driving, enjoy the feeling of being linked to the vehicle and the road, value an upmarket interior, are prepared to sacrifice a little size and pay a premium.

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