This might be a very odd question to a lot of people, but what type of tires do you prefer on your car? For car enthusiasts this might seem like a normal question. A lot of people while buying cars chose tires which might look the best or take the recommendation of the car salesman. But there are a lot of varieties of tires in the market, these not only just provide a different look but each one of them serve a different purpose as well. you can ask about the different types available at your nearest tire service center. Let’s take a look


These are specifically designed to be used in places where there is heavy snowfall or if the roads get icy during the winters. These usually have extra groves and sipes to offer extra grip and traction on the roads. Another difference as compared to normal tires is that during subzero temperature the rubber stays flexible to provide extra safety.


Usually in case of a flat tire you have to change the tires pretty quickly, but these are specifically made to be able to run for around 50 miles in of a loss in pressure, the rubber walls are reinforced so even if the air pressure is gone, the tire wont bog down because of the weight of the car. These are usually designed for lighter vehicles.


These are usually manufactured by and for premium car companies. They are specifically designed to withstand high speed and to give quick reaction times. People who don’t drive high performance vehicles don’t usually need these.


A lot of people are surprised when they hear that these exist either because they have never heard of them, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people who have bought cars recently already use these without even knowing. These cars have low resistance levels which basically means that the car will require less energy to propel itself forward. This also translates to less CO2 emissions. A lot of car manufacturers started using these as a way to increase fuel economy and to meet stricter emission norms set up by the government.

There are a lot of different types available in the market which people are not even aware of, some of them have the potential of improving the driving experience considerably.

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