5 Reasons Besides Rising Petrol/Diesel Prices to Choose an Electric Car

Electric cars are slowly making their way as a preferred vehicle for many people around the globe. In today’s times, owning a vehicle is becoming a necessity due to the extensive development across the country. Traditionally, cars used fossil fuels like petrol or diesel to run. CNG-based cars were also introduced in due course. However, in recent years, electric cars have been evolving as a preferred option by many potential car buyers.

Why Should People Buy Electric Cars?

Petrol and diesel prices are rising every year. This makes running a car that uses these fuels costly. While this is one of the reasons behind many people opting for electric cars, in this article, we will share five reasons, besides the rising prices of petrol and diesel, to choose an electric car for you and your family. So, if you are wondering why should I get an electric car, the answers are given below.

  • Cost-efficient

A car is a depreciating asset. In simpler terms, the value of the car keeps dropping from the time you drive it out of the showroom. Also, cars require regular maintenance and fuel to run. Compared to petrol/diesel-based cars, electric cars are more economical to run since they use electricity to power themselves.

Electricity can be generated from renewable sources and hence, the running cost is much lower than using petrol or diesel. Additionally, the total cost of ownership of an electric car is much lower than a gasoline-powered car.

  • Environment-friendly

When you drive a gasoline-powered car, the vehicle combusts petrol/diesel to run. This causes carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. With an electric car, the car emissions are much lesser than gasoline cars. In addition, many new-age electric cars are powered using renewable energy and don’t produce any emissions. Therefore, electric cars are a more environmentally-friendly option.

  • Better driving experience

Most electric cars have a smoother acceleration and deceleration response compared to gasoline cars. Hence, they offer a better driving experience. Additionally, many electric cars have a lower centre of gravity that allows the driver to be in better control of the vehicle.

  • Lower maintenance

When you use a gasoline-powered car, the vehicle has numerous moving parts since it has to burn the fuel and use the energy to move the wheels. These moving parts are prone to wear and tear and require regular maintenance. However, in an electric car, there are fewer moving parts. Hence, it requires lower maintenance. Further, electric cars use batteries that usually come bundled with an extended warranty. Hence, electric cars have lower maintenance than gasoline cars.

  • Lesser noise

Noise pollution is a huge issue in developing countries. In India, it is found to lead to serious health implications like hearing impairedness, mental problems, increasing stress levels, etc. While the government has norms about the permissible decibel levels in different areas, cars are the major contributors to noise pollution.

Electric cars barely make any noise. In India, honking and removing the silencer is prevalent across the country. In such a landscape, a car that does not make noise can help reduce the rising decibel levels in the country.

Thus, now that you have the answers to why should I get an electric car, you can surely get one for yourself.

Will Four-Wheeler Insurance be the Same for Electric Vehicles?

While the core features of the policy would be the same, you can expect some aspects to change for car insurance policies for electric vehicles compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. Make sure that you opt for a bumper to bumper car insurance policy to get comprehensive coverage in the event of an accident, mishap, or disaster. You can buy car insurance online from reputed insurers like Tata AIG.

Summing Up

Electric cars need charging stations, trained mechanics for repairs, availability of spare parts, and a complete ecosystem to ensure that car owners don’t face problems while using them. Over the last few years, there has been considerable development in creating such an ecosystem, and hence, the acceptance of electric cars has been increasing. If you are planning to buy a four-wheeler, then you might want to consider joining this revolution and purchasing an electric car. Also, do not forget to buy car insurance to secure your car!

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